How to Find the Themes of Websites that You Appreciate the Most?

The principal thing that rings a bell of individuals while utilizing WordPress is about helpful and important WordPress subjects. Most clients consistently wish to utilize definite subjects that impeccably coordinate your information content.

While you visit various sites and appreciate the different topics utilized, you can find out about various methods of finding the WordPress subjects. You can without much of a stretch utilize a particular topic for your site.

To plan a site utilizing WordPress, you need to pick an appropriate subject that works out in a good way for the site. Picking a topic for the site that synchronizes well with the thought and substance is vital.

You may jump at the chance to have a subject for your site which you have seen on some other site on the web and needed to have a comparative design, highlights, and functionalities. You can without much of a stretch discover more about the topics that you have loved and needed to have for your site.

You can get the subtleties of the site effectively in the event that it is a piece of free and paid WordPress subjects that are accessible on the lookout. So it is not difficult to track down additional about any subject that is utilized in the WordPress site.

Allow us to talk about different choices that can assist you with finding the WordPress subjects utilized in the sites, online interfaces and sites.


ISItWP is an online device that can assist you with discovering modules and subjects that are important for WordPress sites.

The instrument ISITWP is accessible on the web and by determining the URL of any WordPress site, it can give you the subtleties of the subjects utilized in a site It can likewise give nitty gritty data about different modules utilized on the site.

You can visit and figure out how to discover about WordPress topics in detail.

The means to discover the subtleties of the WordPress site topic are given beneath:

Strategy 1: Using IsItWP, discover the WordPress theme& module.

The online instrument that helps in identifying the topic and the modules utilized in the WordPress site is extremely simple to utilize and gets the outcome right away.

You can visit the online apparatus put away on the site The site gets stacked and the device gets initiated.

Enter the predefined URL in the choice showed, to check the topic and modules.

The devices will check the URL on the off chance that it is substantial and, at that point check it on the off chance that it is a WordPress site.

In the event that it is a WordPress site, at that point it will distinguish the WordPress topic utilized on the site and furthermore get some answers concerning the modules enacted. It will show the consequence of the on the screen right away.

Showcases name of WordPress topic and Plugin

IsItWP instrument won’t show the subtleties of the custom WordPress topic or the youngster subject however it will show the name of the topic for your reference. You can Google it and discover subtleties and furthermore find in the event that it is accessible free of charge download.

Technique 2: Detect the WordPress subject of the site physically

The site proprietors now and again change the names of the subjects utilized in the site. When the name of the site subject is changed then the online apparatuses, for example, IsItWP can’t identify the topic appropriately and you won’t ready to get the right data about the name and different subtleties of the site topic utilized.

However, there are different strategies for identifying the topics utilized in the WordPress site.

The WordPress subjects utilized in the site will have a document that characterizes its settings and it is known as style.css record. Each WordPress topic will have a document that contains CSS styles of the subject.

Find the site first to find the style.css record of the subject of a WordPress document.

Right-click on the website page showed.

It will show a menu with a bunch of choices in type of a little box

Select the choice View page Source from the menu

The source code of the page will be shown on the screen.

In the given source code, discover the reference made to the syle.css record utilizing the accompanying code:

<link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’themename_style-css’ href=’ name/style.css?ver=1.1.47′ type=’text/css’ media=’all’/>

Open the document style.css by tapping on it and you will get the whole CSS record opened and it will show the accompanying data about the topic:

Subject Name: Theme Name

Subject URI:

Creator: ThemeAuthorName

Creator URI:

Portrayal: My Theme is an adaptable WordPress topic intended for portfolio sites

Adaptation: 1.1.47

Permit: GNU General Public License v2 or later

Permit URI:

Text Domain: hestia

Labels: blog, custom-logo, portfolio, internet business, rtl-language-uphold, post-designs, lattice format, one-segment, two-segments, custom-foundation, custom-colors, custom-header, custom-menu, highlighted picture header, included pictures, adaptable header, full-width-layout, tacky post, topic alternatives, strung remarks, interpretation prepared

The name of the subject and the URL of the topic will get you the whole subtleties of the topic and furthermore different alternatives to know whether the topic is accessible unreservedly and can be downloaded.

Discover the Parent subject

A portion of the sites utilize WordPress kid subjects. The kid topics are utilized to alter the site. The name of the parent topic will be shown in the topic header and can be shown as given underneath in the CSS record.

Here the header block has an additional layout boundary in the subject header which stores the name of the parent topic.


Subject Name: My Child Theme

Portrayal: Just a youngster topic

Creator: Peter Smith

Writer URL: Write here the writer’s blog or site url

Layout: hestia

Adaptation: 1.0

Permit: GNU General Public License v2 or later

Permit URI:

Text Domain: my-youngster topic


You can right-tap on the parent topic of the site that is shown on the screen and open the source code document to get the CSS record of the parent subject straightforwardly.

Primary concern:

To get a WordPress topic of your decision is simple while you peruse and appreciate different sites. There are a large number of WordPress topics accessible with free and paid alternatives.

Now and then, you get enlivened by some specific topic of a WordPress site and needed a comparative format and plan for your site. The above-given alternatives will assist you with discovering more about different subjects and modules without any problem.

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